About Us

            www.gamestrader.co.za created BY gamers FOR gamers.


The idea for www.gamestrader.co.za was inspired out of a means to a way to play more, save more and to get the most out of gaming on our very own South African soil. A gaming home away from home, so we embarked upon a personal quest to develop our own game-trading utopia by creating the gaming world we would like to see for trading and buying games. A world where the clans of gamers or individual wizards can freely shop and swop to their gaming hearts content.


A real community where we can truly and openly talk and trade all things games; engage and exchange and become the ultimate Mzanzi gaming source for all things gaming (news, reviews, discussions, debates, the latest games...) and trading.    

Most gamers have a stack of titles that they no longer play anymore, and they’re just sitting there gathering dust when they could be making you extra cash!

Enter www.gamestrader.co.za - a brand new online marketplace where gamers can buy, sell, trade and swap their second hand games with other South African gamers.

Gone are the days of trekking to your local games store and hoping they let you to trade-in your old titles for whatever they have lying around. Now you can connect with gamers online, from the comfort of your home.

www.gamestrader.co.za want to help gamers who want to play more, but spend less, as the price of games is only going one way, UP!

Gamestrader.co.za is the perfect platform for gamers to find and explore new titles while being able to list their old games to either sell for extra cash, or just swap for another game you haven’t played.

This is the beginning of a real community where South African gamers can truly and openly talk and trade all things games.

For any enquiries, please contact info@gamestrader.co.za